Burlington Libertarian Party

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Burlington Libertarian Party Town Caucus on September 23rd

We have scheduled a Burlington town re-organizational meeting. At this meeting we nominate and elect town committee officers and discuss issues related ...

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The Burlington Libertarian Party (BLP) is the Burlington committee of the Vermont Libertarian Party (VTLP). The VTLP is an affiliate of The National Libertarian Party. The motto of the VTLP is “Small Government, Low Taxes, More Freedom.” The VTLP has been more or less active in the Green Mountain State since the early 1980s. Despite the relatively small size of our state Party, the Libertarian Party is the largest third party in the country and driving a renaissance in libertarian thinking in this country.

We formed the party on December 4th, 2004. We are in the process of forming our organization and if you have any interest in helping out, please contact us for more information. If there are issues that you feel passionate about or you would like to help with planning events, please contact us.

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Burlington Libertarian Party