Loyal Ploof Nominated as Libertarian Candidate for Mayor of Burlington

WPTZ Ch 5 interviews Loyal Ploof Burlington VT mayor candidate

January 29, 2015

(Burlington, VT)  The Burlington Libertarian Party nominated and unanimously endorsed Loyal Ploof as the Libertarian candidate for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. 

“Our taxes are too high, I want to make Burlington a more affordable for everyone, and will work to lower taxes by at least 1% in my first term. Shrinking the size of our government down is one of the first things I want to do: Removing the smoking ban, trespass ordinance, and the unconstitutional gun ban.” stated Ploof.

Ploof further commented, “Over the years, I’ve worked across party lines on different issues, such as fluoride, demolition of Moran, and I’ve also been elected as a school board member. I don’t see a problem with party lines, and will get things done, as I believe things will work out. Burlington is for all residents, and since Miro has been in office, it seems like there has been division in the city. I want to work together to make this an affordable place, and also respect people’s rights. We’re kicking people off public streets and kicking them off the street just for lighting a cigarette. When Miro took office he raised taxes and expanded the Burlington government. If you drive around Burlington, you will see for sale signs at every turn because Burlington is so expensive to live in. I will work to make Burlington affordable for people to stay, watch their kids grow up, and be able to find jobs.”

Go to www.loyalploof.org for more information on his campaign.

About Burlington Libertarian Party

The Burlington Libertarian Party (BLP) is the Burlington committee of the Vermont Libertarian Party (VTLP). The VTLP is an affiliate of The National Libertarian Party. The motto of the VTLP is “Small Government, Low Taxes, More Freedom.” The VTLP has been more or less active in the Green Mountain State since the early 1980s. Despite the relatively small size of our state Party, the Libertarian Party is the largest third party in the country and driving a renaissance in libertarian thinking in this country.

Contact Loyal Ploof:

Loyal Ploof
1571 North Avenue #2
Burlington, VT 05408
(802) 310-1997
Web: www.loyalploof.org
Email: [email protected]

Contact Burlington Libertarian Party:

Jeremy Ryan, Chair
Burlington Libertarian Party
53 Avenue C
Burlington VT 05402-547589
Web: www.burlingtonlp.org
Email: [email protected]




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