Mar 19, 2005 – Free State Project discussion

3PM, Chili’s at Taft Corners in Williston – Free State
Project discussion with Jason Sorens of the Free State

Public welcome to attend, former Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate and FSP
member Hardy Machia will also be attending.

A total of 8 fellow Libertarians attended the Free State Project discussion,
including Ben Todd, Faeterri Silver, and of course Jeremy and I.

Jason informed us of several statistics along his development of the Free
State Project:

  • Right now there’s a total of 357 participants that have made the move to New
  • They were originally aiming for 2006 as the deadline date, however it may be
    modified for those who have sign up to make the move more appealing or
  • They came up with the 20,000 goal by half of the membership of the
    Libertarian Party back in 2000

Jason also said the annual Porcupine Festival draws Libertarian FSP members
from all over the country, and prospective members can get a feel for what to

For more information, to see who’s signed up so far, or for more info about
the Porc Fest, visit:
href=”” target=_blank>

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