May 2, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Councilors Missing: McDonough
Late: Perry (10 minutes late), Clavelle (15 minutes late)

General City Affairs

  • Shannon: Way to go week – encourages everyone to walk or take bus to work, website:
  • Bushor: Thanks Redmond for outdoor permit application overview; SO2 Allowances have a possibility of being sold by Burlington Electric, councilor personally does not support the action
  • Wright: Little League Starting up on Saturday with Douglas’ opening pitch
  • Ashe: Center City little league starting as well with Clavelle’s opening pitch
  • Blais & George: Green Up Day Extending to New North End for the 1st time on Saturday at Ethan Allen Park
  • May 23rd Committee meeting reports

    • Presentation repetition and material given to councilors
    • retreats for the council (in 2003-4) showed that the committee structure could be more organized
    • reconvene structure committee this month and get back on track in June

Public Forum

  • Mr. Wood: The city departments need to be reappraised as well as the properties in Burlington; also code enforcement being violated with parking on lawn

Mayor’s General City Affairs

  • Councilor Knodell and Mayor Clavelle attended the groundbreaking at UVM construction site last weekend
  • A federal grant has been approved to CEDO for their work against lead poisoning
  • Burlington City Arts fundraiser for Art Education opportunities, Tom Brennan attended as well
  • Green up day on the 6th (for Downtown businesses) and the 7th for residentsl and Earth Network program will be starting up at UVM this summer
  • Reappraisal hearings are still ongoing, so far there have been 528 hearings

Committee reports

  • Blais: 4 EMTs helped deliver a baby from Franklin square roadside
  • Keogh: Looking at ward’s transportation needs (ie expanding North Avenue)
  • Montroll: Board committee meeting on 5/4 at 7PM regarding greenbelts and zoning rewrite
  • Knodell: Charter Change waiting for Montpelier (IRV)
  • Clavelle: Budget presented at next meeting on 5/9
  • Perry: Meeting every 2 weeks for Moran (including long range planning)

Fiscal Year 2006 Budget

  • Copies of the budget analysis are available at the City Clerk’s office

    • Possible action by the council at the May 9th or 23rd meeting

Public safety resolution’s Public Forum

  • Sarah Kinney (A new resident to Old North End): encourage prevention of crime starting with children
  • Mark Larson: violence is wron and must be held accountable; potentional solutions: addressing violations of court orders, as they are not being addressed now
  • Debra Gouton: registry listings are not helpful to possible victims; treatment greatly reduces possibility of other attacks; encourage prevention in schools
  • Sandy Baird (Ward 1 & Caroline fund): doesn’t agree with civil commitments that were added by Wright
  • Kara Dealmatis (Exec. Director of Safespace):most are someone you know (she was assaulted by her grandfather); agencies need more funding; minimum sentences and longer sentences for offenders
    (Safespace did receive a Community Development Block grant)
  • Celia Gutty (Executive director of women’s rape crisis center): 1/4 of victims chose to report the crime to Burlington Police; their center’s funding from the Federal level is being cut this year
  • Doug King: prevention is the key to solving the crisis, starting with sex education in schools
  • Louise Andrews: Editorial in the Free Press focused on what women should do to prevent it from happening to them, which is appalling
  • Robert Bussiere: Not everyone should be put on the list for violent crimes (ie kids bringing a pocketknife to school); it affects the civil liberties of those people
    (women’s rights group shakes their heads in disagreement)
  • Chief Tremblay: a gag order was placed on the police department because of the Winterbottom case; registry won’t prevent the crime from occuring; the DNA testing use should be expanded by giving the labs more funding, as there is a delay in results
  • Commissioner Sleeper: Burlington’s doing what needs to be done to protect the city
  • Simpson: GPS technology may be used as a substitute for jail; 1 of 2 in prison will be committing another crime within a year

    • Keogh: Is there a DNA lab setback? No, they’re working very well

2005 Burlington Consolidated 1 year plan

  • Margaret (regarding Comm. Devel. Block grant funds): happens annually in order to receive the funds from the federal level
  • Blais: disappointed that the Ethan Allen tower steps project did not receive any funding at all, even though it’s the Centennial Celebration this summer, but will still approve it

Resolutions posted to City website

  • Ashe: Several constituents are asking for copies of the resolutions that are being passed, and thinks that posting them to the website will greatly help
  • Bushor: refer back to board of finance (not a friendly amendment)
  • Montroll: government should be more open to the constituents
  • George: can the council set a date on motion to refer and include a possible archive of the resolutions?

    • Moved to board of finance

Meeting Adjourned at 9PM

Vice Chair’s Side Note:

Jeremy and I also attended the Board of Finance meeting at 5PM, to which Councilor Blais saw us, and commented: “You guys attend more meetings than I do.”

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