May 9, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Councilors Missing: Fiermonte, McDonough
Late: Knodell (15 minutes late), Shannon (30 minutes late)

Local Control Commission (LCC)

  • 4.03: Sweetwater’s requesting to expand their outdoor dining area; concern with pedestrian right of way at the corner of College and Church streets

    • Curley: Extra seats at sidewalk has already been corrected and has been shown to the LCC
    • Montroll: concerned because their permanent outdoor structure already filled with seats
    • Council approved their outdoor expansion (Curley motioned with Perry 2nd)

  • 5: Proposed Standard Liquor Liscense Conditions 2005-6 (from State of VT)

    • Curley: all establishments should have a copy of these conditions instead of the clerk having to obtain a copy for everyone
    • Blais 2nded, with council approving

Public Forum

  • Cecila Hutty (director of Rape Crisis center): Public safety task force (PSTF) is needed, however current programs are losing federal grant money; but many PSTF’s are already in existence, so the city should try to expand and help those already started instead of starting another one
  • Jan Schultz & Greg Etherwood: Applying to the telecommunications advisory board
  • Jared Wood: Waterfront fireworks last week violated the noise ordinance that the city has mandated; the sound of them scared his sleeping grandson so much that it took almost 2 hours to calm him down; wants to know who knew about the event, and why the public was not informed of them

General City Affairs (Councilors)

  • Shannon: apologizes for being late to meeting, she was celebrating her child’s 3rd birthday
  • Montroll: Went out with 4 year old son on Green up day to help clean up, noticed the large amount of cigarette butts on the ground; at a particular greenbelt infront of a residence, they were there for 5 minutes cleaning until the resident came out embarrassed and said don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it;
    perhaps the smoking community should be informed about this, and if they are still littering, then perhaps an ordinance should be put into place similarly to the dog poop one
  • Bushor: Ward 1 has had a lot of email regaring the planning and zoning permit process; mostly because people applying for permits overstep the time period for public/community involvement; there should be a reinforcement of the time between permit application and construction
  • Knodell: Boards and commissions new representatives are receiving training and mentoring in their new departments
  • Ashe & Wright: Little League started up on Saturday the 7th

General City Affairs (Mayor)

  • Green up day great results; reappraisal values for apartments and commercial were just sent out today; May 27th 1-4PM on Loomis St – Move up day event

Committee Reports

  • Curley: Gross receipts tax is still being worked on; working on lowering incidents on lower Church st, as lowering the hours of operation haven’t worked
  • Montroll: Greenbelt ordinance and zoning rewrite still being worked on; At next meeting (May 17th), the Carbon monoxide detector and bows & arrows ordinance will be addressed, and the outsourcing ordinance is still being worked on as well
  • Keogh: Meeting this wednesday at Dept. of Public Works
  • Carleton: Goal committee meeting on 17th, with input from councilors still ongoing

Resolution 9: Requesting the state to mandate disclosure of healthcare-acquired infections by healthcare facilities (Wright)

  • Postponed again until the May 23rd meeting as the persons wanting to speak to council regarding resolution are not in attendance
  • Bushor & George: There is no healthcare-acquired infections by FAHC, and some doctors that have been interviewed by George say there is none either
  • Keogh: Wasn’t the debate postponed til the 23rd meeting?

    • Carleton: Yes, but it is debateable
    • George Voted against postponement; Council approves to postpone

Presentation by Tom Moreau of the Chittenden Solid Waste District (re: budget for 2006)

  • Bulk of current costs consist of recycling

  • They’re adding more employees due to more work,and currently designing another landfill

  • Hazardous waste (added by state of VT) adds an additional $35,000 to budget

  • Currently paying $4 Million for the new landfill and now have an engineer working on it, scheduled to open in 2008

  • Bushor: Glad our representatives support the budget; How is the money generated?
    Money is dedicated in reserves for every 5 years (currently have $5.6 Million in reserves, and has been accumulating)

  • Keogh: Flynn Ave facility?
    City allows 339 Pine St. for $1 per year, and it’s currently the worst performing site they have, so they’re hesitant to move it to Flynn Ave location; currently considering to convert the Pine St. facility to a drive thru, which is under permit process

  • Montroll: The trial for the new landfill’s site finished then?
    Yes, the judge presiding took nearly a year to make a decision

Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM

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