May 23, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7:30PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Mayor Clavelle & City Atty. McNeil away on trip to Sister City; Carleton appointed stand in Mayor, and Montroll elected council president for meeting

Local Control Commission (LCC)

-The following permits were approved:
Outside consumption permit for Elk’s Club (925 N. Ave) Curley/Blais
Outside consumption permit for Taste of Burlington (112 Lake St) Curley/Perry
Application for festival permit for VT Brewer’s Festival, July 15-16 Waterfront Park

Adjourned mtg. City Council

**No General City Affairs from Councilors or Mayor

Committee reports

  • Blais: Attending Police commission meetings lately, seeing they’re having trouble with budget
  • Knodell: Meeting on June 8th 2-4PM about Instant Runoff Voting for mayor for March 2006 elections
  • Perry: Parks, Arts, and culture had a press conference with Mayor Clavelle on 5/19 for postcards about Moran plant ideas
  • Bushor: Human resource has been working on the policy for the past few years, and they believe it will be completed soon; it reflects the work of the committees, meeting 5/25 at 7pm
  • Montroll: ordinance met last week about the Carbon monoxide detector ordinance, which will be ready at the next meeting, it’s slightly different from the state’s as it defines the ordinance better

Public Forum
(includes candidates for commissions and boards)

  • Boards/commissions with no one in attendance: Airport, CCTA, Church St. Marketplace, Design Advisory Board, Fence Viewer, Fire Commission, Board of Health, Police Commission, Retirement board, Tax appeals, Voter registration
  • Cemetery commission: Rita Church- seeking reappointment to the commission, Burl. resident for 43 years
  • Chittenden Cty. metropolitan planning organization: (Councilor Montroll also applied) Roger Marshall- new resident of Burlington, from Springfield; was previously on planning committee; not familiar with the council’s stands on transportation, but is willing to research and implement their position
  • Conservation board: Andrew Savage- lives on S. Untion in Ward 3, has previous conservation work experience, currently also helps Peter Welch
  • Development Review Board- Michael (Also applying for planning commission) working currently to make North St better, nervous in talking to council
  • Electric Commission- Jon Harris: Worked for Energy conseration board and favors a progressive rate structure
  • Housing review Board- Antonio: (new resident from Maine & also applying to police commission) was on them previously in Maine, and would like to continue service to community
  • Library commission-

    • Dawn (also applied for planning commission) works at opportunities credit union
    • Glen (seeking reappointment) has greatly helped the current commission by rewriting the bylaws, focused on fundraising, helped raise twice the usual amount

  • Parks & Recreation commission- Jim Haloway: ‘enthusiastic’ about the developing in the New North End Parks, and is willing to help however he can, (but there didn’t seem to be enthusiastic in his tone)
  • Planning commission- Lila Shapiro: supports taking a long term view of the city, is also an attorney, and would be helpful to have on the the commission with the zoning rewrite, currently is on the Community development block grant review board
  • Public works: Donald Degar (Ferguson Ave) 20 years experience in constructions and archetecture; familiar with permit process
  • Appointments by Council to be made at the June 6th Meeting

General public forum

  • Melinda Moulton (redeveloper of Main st Landing): not here about reappraisal; expecting resonable readjustment; Burlington currently has the highest (triple) net fees statewide, which is based on income & tax on Commercial properties, 17% on gross; What is the council doing to keep businesses downtown? Make sure the property owners are being treated fairly, the whole thing hits the commercial property owners hard and contributes to Burlington’s flat market economy; commercial property tax should be fair & applicable
  • Richard Hardy (101 Manhattan Dr): appraisal outrageous, the community land trust making the taxes increase, while the rest of community gets lower taxes; as the reappraisal stands, he would not be able to afford the tax payments as he’s on a fixed income
  • Daniel Canay (Manhattan Dr & Oak): property went up $90,000, but neighbors went up only 20-30,000, so the reappraisal is not fair
  • Nancy Wood (Director of Burl. Business Assoc.): Commercial property owners concerned; of 700 properties, 200 went up twice or three times, and of 335 went up 2.5%, pleased with city’s review
  • Mike Shay (60 Austin Dr) if he sold the property, the new owners would have to raise the rent of the apartments by $400 just to break even on property, tenants can barely afford the $800 monthly rent as it is, and this isn’t just for him, it’s for other apartment complexes across the city
  • Dick Bove: due to urban renewal, he can say he was born in the Wyndam’s parking lot; feel that the city should throw out the current appraisal and start over with a local firm of appraisers that would work with city and residents; seems the whole thing shows a great lack of communication between city hall and citizens
  • ** Councilors George, Blais, and Keogh leave meeting for 10 minutes to speak with the general public forum participants

Design Advisory Board (DAB) Commission report
(Chair presenting)

  • The DAB’s role is to review projects and advise the Development review board (DRB)on the site and technical points of view; the DAB does try to work together with the DRB

  • Bushor: A number of areas in Burlington are interested in having their own advisory board for their section of the community, would it be supported and is it possible?
    Yes, (the chair) would support the community board

  • Blais: does anyone form the DAB attend the DRB meetings? Yes, try to have a member of DAB at each DRB meeting

  • Perry: Having chain sotres change their layout plans to work with the community they’re entering? Yes, they try to implement this with stores wanting to come to the area

Development Review Board (DRB) Commission report
(Chair presenting)

  • Austin, chair of DRB, gives a summary of the past year’s projects; a problem existed with getting notices out about the applications to the board, but it has been cleared up, the DRB will help build Burlington’s future
  • Shannon: Any stand on exterior upgrades or parking? Also is the DAB & DRB working together? The DAB and DRB have been working together, but there’s still work to do between them; they mostly make decisions based off what “sounds right” to them.
  • Bushor: any subcommittees for the DRB? No, not at the moment

Housing Board of Review Commission report – no one from the board present

Planning Commission report
(Chair presenting)

  • Currently searching for a new director of the planning commission, hopefully one will be found soon, as there are 2 candidates for the position

FY06 Budget Hearing

  • CAO Kelleher refers to the mayor’s letter to delay the budget until the June 13th (until reappraisals completed)
  • Wright: if the math was wrong, how large of an effect would it have?
    Not possible, as it’s divided by class for commercial; the CLT still has the data
  • Keogh: What are CLT’s contract specifications with the City?
    No exact completion date, CLT is working as consultants with Board of tax appeals, and there may be extra costs for consulting work

Church St. Marketplace allocation method and standards for common area fees (FY 06)

  • Ron Redmond – it’s what the commission has been doing in the past
  • Passed by council

** Healthcare-acquired infections resolution withdrawn by Wright

HRP Steering Committee, regarding HRP Entertainment Noise Pilot Program

  • In/outdoor entertainment permit renewals (with no change) – Curley/Perry

In/Outdoor entertainment permit renewal for VT Pub & Brewery

  • Would like to specify the hours (until 1AM), and has been working with the HRP for policy

Umbrella Entertainment permit application for Discover Jazz Festival June 2-12

  • Includes Akes’ Place (indoor), American Flatbread (indoor), NECI commons (indoor), and Leunig’s Bistro (outdoor)

Adjournment @ 9:45PM

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