May 28, 2005 – Burlington Citizens Coalition Meeting

May 28th 2005, 2PM, Fletcher Free Library’s Fletcher Room
Burlington Citizens Coalition meeting

First organizational meeting of regular citizens making a grassroots organization to taking stands on issues that have largely been ignored by the majority of our elected City Officials. Currently working to end water fluoridation in Burlington.

11 people in attendance


  • The Green party stance is undecided, as most members are against fluoridation, but there are some issues involved as well
  • 57% of the state currently has water fluoridation in place
  • The amount that is currently being spent on fluoridation in Burlington is $30,000 per year
  • A person named Annette has applied to the Board of Health, but did not show up at the open house on the 23rd; City Council to make their appointments at the June 6th meeting
  • How should we get the word out to others about the issue?

    • Kevin Ryan: “by continuing the use of fluoride, children are being hurt”
    • Michael Connett: “an involuntary risk forced upon the citizens of Burlington”
    • Heavenly Ryan: Speaking at city council public forums about it, submitting Letters to the Editor of papers, having media presence at debates and public forums
    • Jay Vos: Bennington Board of Health is also working on fluoridation of water

  • Upcoming events:

    • May 31st 7PM, Fletcher Free Library Community Room – Film, “The Fluoride Deception”
    • June 11th 7PM, 28 Howard – Art Exhibit, “Cultural Landscape of Fluoride”
    • June 14th 7PM, Burlington College – Q & A with Dr. William Hirzy of the EPA
    • June 15th 6:30PM, City Hall’s Contois Auditorium – Open Public Debate

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