Healthcare Choice Act

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This sounds great to me… who wouldn’t want more choices and to force the insurance companies to compete against each while designing insurance packages to meet the needs of each individual. I read about a study in 2005 by that found the typical insurance policy ($1,000 deductible, 20% co-insurance) for an individual could be had for as little as $58 per month in a reasonably-regulated locality like San Francisco, CA, and $67.88 in Kansas City, MO. The most expensive cities, however, were Miami, Fl at $151.20; Boston, MA at $267.57; and New York, NY at $334.09. Boston and New York are the only cities within the top 50 with mandated guaranteed issue and community rating laws.

In a 2004 study, found an almost seven-fold difference between typical family policies in Kansas City, Missouri ($172/month) and those in New Jersey (a whopping $1,200-plus). Again, the difference was due far more to regulation than the cost of living differences.

Vermont also has community ratings, which drive away insurers and drive up prices. An individual policy here is over $370 — even higher than New York’s — according to Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s website, and a policy for a family of four ($3,500 deductible, $30 per office visit) is $999.

When Heavenly and I first got health insurance here I was surprised at how restrictive the policies are. The state requires people to have insurance for things I know I won’t need or would use. It seems that the state would rather have individuals without insurance than allowing them to have an affordable insurance package that meets their needs. It’s seems crazy to me… they should get out of the business and let the people have the right to choose.

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