Jeremy Ryan Announces Run for Burlington City Council

Jeremy Ryan announced he is running for city council here in ward 7 of Burlington. He chose to run because he would like to help make some much needed changes to how the city government does business. He wants to help improve the quality of life for Burlington residents by pushing for lower taxes and affordable housing. By cutting excessive regulations and state control, he believes our city would be far better off. He will fight for taxpayer rights and local control over our finances and our schools. He is a strong believer in protecting your property rights and personal freedoms.

Jeremy Ryan supports the following:

– Lower taxes and voter control over city budget.

– Open and honest government.

– Local control over schools and government.

– Affordable housing by lowering taxes and regulations.

You can read more on his positions, his biography and blog by going to his campaign web site at:


Jeremy Ryan, candidate
Jeremy Ryan for City Council
53 Avenue C
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 802-865-0111
Fax: 309-406-3143

Feb 4, 2005 – Letter to the Editor

Feb 4, 2005 – Letter to the Editor – Burlington Free Press

Below is the text from a Letter to the Editor from Heavenly Ryan, Vice Chair of Burlington Libertarian Town Committee

(Note: When the letter was written, the YMCA’s main arguement was they needed the Moran plant facility because they’re overcrowded at the College St. facility)

In response to the “Zero tolerance” letter to the editor, I support reviewing the

Feb 17, 2005 – Letter to the Editor

Below is the text from a Letter to the Editor from Jeremy Ryan, Chair of
Burlington Libertarian Town Committee

(Note: When the letter was written, the City council nearly passed the ban
unanimously on Feb. 7th)

Regarding the smoking-ban extension to private
clubs: Several of us
citizens at the last council meeting were shocked at the
decision to ban smoking in private clubs. The smoking ban is
offensive intrusion of property rights — it’s un-American,
unconstitutional. A private club is just that, “private.”
members are OK with smoking, can’t it be their choice? Can’t
smokers have some bars? No. After the decision, we informed one of
private clubs affected. They were disgusted to hear that the
council would
decide their fate without inviting them to discuss it
and voice their
opinion. Some members even didn’t believe the city
could do this to

Whether you’re a smoker or not, a member of a private club or
we as citizens of this great country must ensure that
rights are protected to ensure that our own will be protected.
councilors and the mayor will argue it’s a matter of “public
They are trying to create a “nanny state,” which protects us
ourselves. We are increasingly prisoners of a hospital-like
There are a million things you can do to save more lives. We
outlaw Big Macs if you want. Maybe that’s next. Lawyers have
sued McDonald’s for “causing” obesity.

I urge the private
clubs to fight it any way they can and I suggest
the City Council do the
“honorable” thing and reverse this
unconstitutional ban that destroys the
very essence of our freedoms.
Leave these choices to the property owners,
business owners and

The writer
is Burlington Libertarian Party chairman.

~*~ Vice Chair’s Side
For more information about the ban, please visit: