State committee meeting – 12/22/7

The Vermont Libertarian Party executive committee has scheduled a state committee meeting for reorganization of the Vermont Libertarian Party:

** When: Saturday, 12/22, 1pm

** Where: Burlington: Fletcher Free Library, Pickering Room

** Contact: Jeremy Ryan, [email protected], 802-865-0111

** Agenda: We will elect a new State Committee (Chair, Vice Chair,vSecretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer). We need 5 people to participate in order to finalize the caucus for this year and remain a party.

Please RSVP if you intend to participate.

Heavenly Ryan Elected Co-Chair of New North End NPA Steering Committee

At the May Neighborhood Planning Assembly (NPA) steering committee meeting for Wards 4 & 7, Heavenly Ryan was elected co-chair of the New North End NPA Steering Committee. The NPA is a monthly gathering of residents to address issues within the city, meet with their elected officials, and serves the two largest wards in Burlington.

About Heavenly Ryan

Heavenly currently serves as secretary of the Burlington Libertarian Party, vice chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party, and works with her husband, at Advantage Creations of Burlington.


Heavenly Ryan
53 Avenue C
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 802/735-2149
Email: hryanvt (at)

June 13, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

** Councilor missing: Perry (2nd week in a row)

Council General City Affairs:

  • Fiermonte: Attended the rally of workers at Specialty Filaments last weekend, it was a result of ‘poor trade policy’; Bernie Sanders is working to fix the policy
  • Keogh: Man from 4 years ago proposed a smoking ban for Burlington, and back then even Mark Lawson approved of the measure

Mayor General City Affairs:

  • Jazzfest a successful memorial to Big Joe; thanks City Arts for their work
  • Saturday, June 18th 10AM a dedication at ECHO for veterans of Navy from the American Revolution
  • Mayor’s conference in Chicago; had a budget cutting portion in the conference; Clavelle proposed a greenhouse gas action plan, which was unanimously supported
  • Substance abuse: the Chittenden County Substance Abuse coalition brings the community together to deal with the issue; there will be 2 upcoming meetings: 28th 8:30-11AM, and 30th from 5:30-8:30PM; expects a resolution will come from the meetings
  • City Atty McNeil represented Burlington at the Baltimore/Burlington exchange: program between parks and recreation departments that have children from each community visit the other; Burlington hasn’t been involved in the program for several years, so McNeil was surprised to receive an invitation to the event.

Committee reports:

  • Charter change (Knodell): Meeting on 22nd from 10AM-Noon about Instant runoff, voter education campaign, and ballots for March’s mayoral race
  • Ordinance (Montroll): Meeting on 14th at 7PM about zoning rewrite, city employee union ordinance, and comments about the ordinance by City Atty McNeil

Community Safety Task Force Resolution (Blais, Keogh, & Wright)

  • Blais: (Forgot motion to approve of resolution) Community Justice center and other agencies out there become more organized because of this resolution to start a community safety task force
  • McDonough: Women’s coalition removed from the task force listing? Yes

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors (Fire Dept, Public works dept- inspection srvcs division)

  • Montroll: Council asked the ordinance committee to make a resolution for the item; convinced state’s new law doesn’t cover it completely; motions to refer it back to ordinance committee, expected back in a few weeks
  • Bushor: Doesn’t have Gene Bergman’s letter about the proposed ordinance; single family residences should also be included with the ordinance as well
  • McDonough: CO detectors not in Code enforcement, and should be included

Public Forum:

  • Reappointment of Norman Williams to the Planning Commission

    • Robert Daniels (S. Prospect st): conflict of interest between candidates for planning commission; council should make their choice off of issues and how they are handled
    • Barbara McGrane (St. Paul st): downtown resident; conflict of interest
    • Solva Gordon (Walnut st): he reads all the ordinances before making a decision
    • Also speaking on this issue: David Resniak, Cathy Donn, Faith Baker, Mark Stevenson

  • Greenbelt ordinance

    • Donna Vister (Peru st): of 120 only 5 in her neighborhood are up to the proposed ordinance’s standards; people should be educated citizens; recently received a letter from CEDO encouraging the greenbelt gardening
    • Genivive Jacobs (representing Barbara from Scrumptious): Barbara would not be able to place her planter flower boxes on the sidewalk in front of her cafe because of the proposed ordinance
    • Also speaking on this issue: Jules (Wd 5 Steering Committee member), Jim Flint (Friends of Burlington Gardens)

Fiscal Year 2006 Budget presentation by Clavelle & Kelleher

  • Clavelle: Thanks Board of Finance, department heads, and Assessor Vickery for their hard work in budget; (Kelleher looks impatient to speak); seniors on fixed incomes don’t have anything to worry about (income under $40k); encourages revisiting local option sales tax possibly by appealing to the legislature
  • Blais: Thanks the board of Finance for mentioning fixed income residents; any idea on Northgate’s value? Unsure
  • Montroll: Commercial dispute update? Broadly speaking, the appeals process brought the values down including some commercial apartments
  • Knodell: (as Legacy Project steering committee chair): Staffing decrease in the legacy project steering committee, currently they are mostly funded by donations, would like the city’s support and ongoing support Clavelle agrees to support in range of $20-40k
  • Keogh: How will the budget affect average taxpayers?
  • George: Will the city educate the public about possible tax rate increase? possibly place info up on the website?

Commission reports

  • Airport Commission report placed on a subsequent agenda
  • Conservation board: busy with development review currently

    • Bushor: Should hear how the board uses money from the city on open space areas, and not just from the chair; what about the storm/waste water process? Person putting in posts on their land does affect the runoff, and they hope to correct that

  • Parks and Recreation Commission:

    • Barbara Nolte: Greenbelt ordinance stance isn’t what the public thinks (from the public forum comments); Gosse facility has no plans yet, just repairing it at the moment
    • Blais: How much would parks and recreation lose if they honored the Green Mountain park passes? Also sorry about the cuts to the parks and recreation budget Neither Barbara or Wayne Gross do not know

  • Public Works Commission: (will update the website soon and meeting schedule as well)

    • Bushor: thanks the board for changing the report format, it’s much more informative than last years
    • Blais: follow-up on the Winooski river leak? Will be permanently repairing the break this summer & will be borrowing from the state to fix the break
    • Resolutions from Board of Health for borrowing authority:

      • Water resources, wastewater & traffic divisions of Dept. of public works and the Burlington International Airport and the Burlington Electric dept.

Communication from City Atty McNeil re: Pending litigation
Council moves to executive session, requests any members from development review board and parks and recreation staff stay for session

June 6, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Councilors late to meeting: McDonough (10 minutes late), and Shannon (14 minutes late)
Councilors missing: Keogh, Perry, Fiermonte

Local Control Commission (LCC)

-The following permits were approved:
Outside consumption permit for Cobblestone Deli
Special Outside consumption permit (one day only) for Splash at the Boathouse

Annual mtg. City Council

**No one spoke at the public forum

Council General City Affairs:

  • Bushor: Colchester Ave Ad hoc committee meeting held it’s 3rd meeting on 5/26; resulting in similar recommendation as previous meeting; referring the recommendation to the Council’s transportation committee
  • Blais: Ben Franklin store on North Ave is closing doors soon, greatly affecting the New North End
  • Ashe: Friday, 2PM Barnes Elementary on North St – Healthy Neighborhood and Kids program event

Mayor General City Affairs:

  • St. Joseph’s held a meeting yesterday for the new Vermont Interfaith organization: main topics they’re addresssing: Affordable housing, health care, youth; had 900 in attendance
  • Next monday’s council meeting (6/13): Council set to vote on budget and tax rates as well
  • Reappraisal update: residentials are going weel, 106 cases are moving to the Board of Assessor’s for appeals; so far there have been 590 commercial appeals
  • Recently visited Russian sister city with City Atty. McNeil (both paid for costs out of own pocket)

Committee reports:

  • Knodell: Charter change committee meeting on Wednesday discussing the IRV process for mayoral elections for upcoming town meeting day in 2006
  • Montroll: Ordinance met twice last week; 1st to discuss zoning rewrite with planning commission and 2nd was an informal meeting on zoning specifics; holding another meeting on Friday at 11:30AM with city atty.; public meeting on Tuesday, 7pm
  • Carleton: Priority setting committee: main topics voted on: zoning, fiscal planning, housing, with public safety barely coming in last

Board / Committee Reports:

  • Airport Commission

    • (No one from the Commission in attendance to present report to council)
    • Bushor: Has questions, regardless of the report that was provided to council
    • Ashe: since the council is appointing members to the committees, so the members should be able to present to council
    • Report tabled until the next meeting

  • Electric Light Commission

    • Possible rate increases expected for next year due to higher oil prices; they were set to ask for a 7.6% budget increase , but luckily one of their accounts paid earlier than expected; next year’s may need a rate adjustment due to costs
    • McDonough: unsure why the commission did not see the rate increase coming? and would a gradual rate increase be used for the increase?
      Market for oil is hard to predict, likens the process to a poker game; The gradual increase for rates is what the commission is planning
    • Montroll: any way to cut down the use of electricity more? The marketplace itself is creating more efficiencies

  • Fire Commission

    • For the lesser response time to emergencies, the cost is higher, but it saves lives

  • Board of Health

    • Currently working on a pesticide ordinance to protect people
    • Also will be holding meetings and debates in the next few weeks about fluoridation, and then the board will make a suggestion to the council
    • Bushor: Is the raccoon/rabies still on the radar? Not at the moment, usually comes back in 3 year cycles

  • Police Commission

    • The Budget for training officers is currently at $40,000
    • $1.1 Million received from Homeland security for new equipment
    • There have been no operational issues in the last 18 months that have resulted in lawsuits
    • No significant violent crime in Burlington, but if there is a case, then they keep working until case is solved
    • Curley: the dept. has 100 officers, but the SRO isn’t fully staffed?
      Dept. currently only has 10 full-time positions, so they are understaffed as it is (suggested additional officers in FY06 budget)

**Appointments by Council and mayor for Commissions and boards

  • Tax appeals vacant positions: council may approach former councilors to help fill the vacancies
  • Housing board of review, and Planning commission vacancies being readvertised

Meeting adjourned 8:20PM

May 23, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7:30PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Mayor Clavelle & City Atty. McNeil away on trip to Sister City; Carleton appointed stand in Mayor, and Montroll elected council president for meeting

Local Control Commission (LCC)

-The following permits were approved:
Outside consumption permit for Elk’s Club (925 N. Ave) Curley/Blais
Outside consumption permit for Taste of Burlington (112 Lake St) Curley/Perry
Application for festival permit for VT Brewer’s Festival, July 15-16 Waterfront Park

Adjourned mtg. City Council

**No General City Affairs from Councilors or Mayor

Committee reports

  • Blais: Attending Police commission meetings lately, seeing they’re having trouble with budget
  • Knodell: Meeting on June 8th 2-4PM about Instant Runoff Voting for mayor for March 2006 elections
  • Perry: Parks, Arts, and culture had a press conference with Mayor Clavelle on 5/19 for postcards about Moran plant ideas
  • Bushor: Human resource has been working on the policy for the past few years, and they believe it will be completed soon; it reflects the work of the committees, meeting 5/25 at 7pm
  • Montroll: ordinance met last week about the Carbon monoxide detector ordinance, which will be ready at the next meeting, it’s slightly different from the state’s as it defines the ordinance better

Public Forum
(includes candidates for commissions and boards)

  • Boards/commissions with no one in attendance: Airport, CCTA, Church St. Marketplace, Design Advisory Board, Fence Viewer, Fire Commission, Board of Health, Police Commission, Retirement board, Tax appeals, Voter registration
  • Cemetery commission: Rita Church- seeking reappointment to the commission, Burl. resident for 43 years
  • Chittenden Cty. metropolitan planning organization: (Councilor Montroll also applied) Roger Marshall- new resident of Burlington, from Springfield; was previously on planning committee; not familiar with the council’s stands on transportation, but is willing to research and implement their position
  • Conservation board: Andrew Savage- lives on S. Untion in Ward 3, has previous conservation work experience, currently also helps Peter Welch
  • Development Review Board- Michael (Also applying for planning commission) working currently to make North St better, nervous in talking to council
  • Electric Commission- Jon Harris: Worked for Energy conseration board and favors a progressive rate structure
  • Housing review Board- Antonio: (new resident from Maine & also applying to police commission) was on them previously in Maine, and would like to continue service to community
  • Library commission-

    • Dawn (also applied for planning commission) works at opportunities credit union
    • Glen (seeking reappointment) has greatly helped the current commission by rewriting the bylaws, focused on fundraising, helped raise twice the usual amount

  • Parks & Recreation commission- Jim Haloway: ‘enthusiastic’ about the developing in the New North End Parks, and is willing to help however he can, (but there didn’t seem to be enthusiastic in his tone)
  • Planning commission- Lila Shapiro: supports taking a long term view of the city, is also an attorney, and would be helpful to have on the the commission with the zoning rewrite, currently is on the Community development block grant review board
  • Public works: Donald Degar (Ferguson Ave) 20 years experience in constructions and archetecture; familiar with permit process
  • Appointments by Council to be made at the June 6th Meeting

General public forum

  • Melinda Moulton (redeveloper of Main st Landing): not here about reappraisal; expecting resonable readjustment; Burlington currently has the highest (triple) net fees statewide, which is based on income & tax on Commercial properties, 17% on gross; What is the council doing to keep businesses downtown? Make sure the property owners are being treated fairly, the whole thing hits the commercial property owners hard and contributes to Burlington’s flat market economy; commercial property tax should be fair & applicable
  • Richard Hardy (101 Manhattan Dr): appraisal outrageous, the community land trust making the taxes increase, while the rest of community gets lower taxes; as the reappraisal stands, he would not be able to afford the tax payments as he’s on a fixed income
  • Daniel Canay (Manhattan Dr & Oak): property went up $90,000, but neighbors went up only 20-30,000, so the reappraisal is not fair
  • Nancy Wood (Director of Burl. Business Assoc.): Commercial property owners concerned; of 700 properties, 200 went up twice or three times, and of 335 went up 2.5%, pleased with city’s review
  • Mike Shay (60 Austin Dr) if he sold the property, the new owners would have to raise the rent of the apartments by $400 just to break even on property, tenants can barely afford the $800 monthly rent as it is, and this isn’t just for him, it’s for other apartment complexes across the city
  • Dick Bove: due to urban renewal, he can say he was born in the Wyndam’s parking lot; feel that the city should throw out the current appraisal and start over with a local firm of appraisers that would work with city and residents; seems the whole thing shows a great lack of communication between city hall and citizens
  • ** Councilors George, Blais, and Keogh leave meeting for 10 minutes to speak with the general public forum participants

Design Advisory Board (DAB) Commission report
(Chair presenting)

  • The DAB’s role is to review projects and advise the Development review board (DRB)on the site and technical points of view; the DAB does try to work together with the DRB

  • Bushor: A number of areas in Burlington are interested in having their own advisory board for their section of the community, would it be supported and is it possible?
    Yes, (the chair) would support the community board

  • Blais: does anyone form the DAB attend the DRB meetings? Yes, try to have a member of DAB at each DRB meeting

  • Perry: Having chain sotres change their layout plans to work with the community they’re entering? Yes, they try to implement this with stores wanting to come to the area

Development Review Board (DRB) Commission report
(Chair presenting)

  • Austin, chair of DRB, gives a summary of the past year’s projects; a problem existed with getting notices out about the applications to the board, but it has been cleared up, the DRB will help build Burlington’s future
  • Shannon: Any stand on exterior upgrades or parking? Also is the DAB & DRB working together? The DAB and DRB have been working together, but there’s still work to do between them; they mostly make decisions based off what “sounds right” to them.
  • Bushor: any subcommittees for the DRB? No, not at the moment

Housing Board of Review Commission report – no one from the board present

Planning Commission report
(Chair presenting)

  • Currently searching for a new director of the planning commission, hopefully one will be found soon, as there are 2 candidates for the position

FY06 Budget Hearing

  • CAO Kelleher refers to the mayor’s letter to delay the budget until the June 13th (until reappraisals completed)
  • Wright: if the math was wrong, how large of an effect would it have?
    Not possible, as it’s divided by class for commercial; the CLT still has the data
  • Keogh: What are CLT’s contract specifications with the City?
    No exact completion date, CLT is working as consultants with Board of tax appeals, and there may be extra costs for consulting work

Church St. Marketplace allocation method and standards for common area fees (FY 06)

  • Ron Redmond – it’s what the commission has been doing in the past
  • Passed by council

** Healthcare-acquired infections resolution withdrawn by Wright

HRP Steering Committee, regarding HRP Entertainment Noise Pilot Program

  • In/outdoor entertainment permit renewals (with no change) – Curley/Perry

In/Outdoor entertainment permit renewal for VT Pub & Brewery

  • Would like to specify the hours (until 1AM), and has been working with the HRP for policy

Umbrella Entertainment permit application for Discover Jazz Festival June 2-12

  • Includes Akes’ Place (indoor), American Flatbread (indoor), NECI commons (indoor), and Leunig’s Bistro (outdoor)

Adjournment @ 9:45PM

May 18, 2005 – Ward 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly Meeting

May 18th 2005, 7PM, Hunt Middle School
Ward 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly

On the agenda:
Panel Discussion on the Gosse Ct Armory / Community Center
Ethan Allen Tower Celebration
Pedestrian Safety Resolution

Russ Ellis, acting president of Steering Committee calls Meeting to order at 7:00PM

Reports from Elected Officials:

  • Kurt Wright:

    • Legislature has planned to extend their session until the first part of June; Several Healthcare bills are going around, and they hope to have it settled by the end of the session; There is a Public safety resolution by the council to the Legislature that entails better government role in public safety; the reappraisal

  • Carmen George:

    • The Reappraisal process is a ‘revenue neutral’ event, so the city will not be getting more money; it decreases the tax rate, but since it is a complicated process, time must be spent to understand the process; the grand list is yet to be determined, because people are still disputing their reappraisal values; currently on the Transportation, Energy, and Utilities Committee, as well as the Parks, Arts, & Culture Committee

    • Jim Haloway (Wd 4): Residential values are going both up and down depending on each property, but residents as a whole will be taxed more

    • Alan Sousie (Wd 7): Council decides what the tax rate will be; they decide how high to raise the tax rate; cost containment and taxing amounts will be evaluated; the residential side of the burden will be more than commercial

  • Ellie Blais:

    • Wayne Gross of Parks and Rec. as well as Chief Tremblay are still working on balancing the budget;

    • Hopes the Mayor isn’t expecting that the council will approve the budget, as there’s still questions that need to be answered

Gosse Ct Armory Panel Discussion:
(Wayne Gross from Dept. of Parks and Rec.; Leisa Pollender of Sara Holbrook Ctr, and Rep. Mark Larson)

  • Mark Larson: Armory has been there for 50 years, the building has become unused by the VT National Guard, and has now become a state owned building, with a process to follow if others express interest in the building, but no one has except for the City of Burlington, but there are some issues with the deed, but it should be finalized very soon

  • Wayne Gross (New North End resident as well): Council passes a resolution for the armory’s funding, the parks and rec. dept. has heard from citizens that there is a need for additional gym and aquatic space; Gosse’s a sound building, and could be a great place for public use; roof needs repair as it leaks when it rains, some remodeling of the floor and bathrooms are planned for the public’s use of the building; the utility costs for upkeep of the armory are already included in the FY06 city budget, however there currently isn’t any additional funds available for programming; public input for it’s use still needs to be done;

  • Leisa Pollender: For 65 years Sara Holbrook center has offered ESL classes, daycare, teen drop-in program, and summer camps for the community; the New North End Youth Center moved from the King St. center to the Sara Holbrook Center; Cathy, who’s been the director of the armory has been working selfishly for the project without pay; the Sara Holbrook center currently gets funding from grants (soft money), and they budget their money very tightly; the armory building is just under 21,000 sq. ft. and there is a large amount of space not being used to it’s fullest extent

    • Jim Haloway (wd 4): what about the commitment change from 2 years to 1 year?
      Carmen: ( I ) was the one that changed it, in the 1st year groups should work together for a long term view

    • Alan Sousie (wd 7): any dates for the public forums? Is it possible to hold them at the Armory?
      Not yet, but yes, the armory would be ideal, preferably on a non-rainy day

    • Linda Deliduka (wd 7): any thought of inviting other New North End Groups to the discussion? Kids & seniors really don’t pay the bills, so that section of Burlington also needs to be taken into account; possibly having a spread about the armory in the North Ave News?
      New North End residents would not be the only ones using the facility, as it would be maintained by parks and rec. dept.

    • Jim Haloway: referring to the armory as a community center would affect the public support; how much outreach has been one for public & groups?
      It’s just been proposed as last council committee meeting, so it’s still relatively new

    • Alan Sousie: What are the other possible revenue sources?
      Possibly grants and private donors; Burlington city arts as an example: they held a fundraiser to restore the firehouse gallery

    • Linda Deliduka: What about making the armory into something like the canadian civic centers? What about using the surrounding schools and senior center as facilities?
      A membership fee would be required for residents, like the YMCA; use McClure center as a model for the armory

Ethan Allen Tower celebration by David and Ann Arms:

  • Ann Arms: Clavelle & Douglas have both been invited to attend; Clavelle supports the project; there will be vendors in the park as well, with Hannaford’s providing cake & punch, as well as staff to hand out the refreshments; There will also be a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Ethan Allen $25 per person, the Sons of the American Revolution has reserved the whole lower deck; The next planning meeting for the tower committee is scheduled for June 14th 6PM at the Burlington Police Dept. Community Room (on Battery park side entrance)

  • David Arms: The tower is of Norman design, inspired by scotland’s castles; 15.1 acres were donated by Van Patten; Tower build in one year by Champlain Manufacturing Co. for $2,531.61 including the stones at the parking area of Ethan Allen Park; The City of Burlington bought the park with 60 acres for $10 Million; Currently it’s the 2nd largest park in the city, and they would like for it to get more attention; Mayor Clavelle has included a portion of the general fund ($5,000) for the tower’s steps project

Pedestrian Safety Summit by Wayne Senville & Jeff Hand

  • Possible summit this fall or winter with sponsorship by all NPAs of Burlington

  • Finding drivers not knowing about the laws or rules

  • Ward 2 &3 NPA has appointed a handicapped person as one of their representatives

  • NPAs are choosing to represent their wards, and the representatives will start meeting this summer

    • Jim Haloway: CP Smith’s program of walking to school should also be brought up, as it’s a pilot project, and it’s set to expand to other schools as well

    • Signals for crossing North Ave are timed too fast for seniors at Heineburg

    • Northgate area has no crosswalks at all

    • Include the college students in somehow

    • Getting Burlington to be at the same level as Montpelier, as they have fines for not obeying pedestrian’s state law

  • Mark Larson: suggests the steering committee nominate representatives to the summit

Speak out

  • Ralph Montefusco (wd 4): Vermont Interfaith action: holding a meeting on June 5th at St. Joseph’s on Allen St

  • Jim Haloway: Ethan Allen celebration will be a huge event, encourages everyone to attend

  • Janice Santiago (wd 4): Northgate will be getting into the routine of having a resient at the NPAs each month; The residents have been very busy, some attended a National Low income housing conference in Washington DC, and in 3 weeks they will be going to DC again for a tenant’s conference

  • Beth Ruzansky: Lt. Davidson from the Burlington Police has reported numerous graffiti outbreak, please contact Chris Lynch if any new ones are spotted: [email protected]
    1st response team for graffiti removal will be going around cleaning those tagged;
    Intervale farms are starting a new program that will offer intervale produce:

  • Mark Larson: suggests the steering committee send a thank you letter to the guard once the transfer of the armory is complete

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00PM

May 2, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Councilors Missing: McDonough
Late: Perry (10 minutes late), Clavelle (15 minutes late)

General City Affairs

  • Shannon: Way to go week – encourages everyone to walk or take bus to work, website:
  • Bushor: Thanks Redmond for outdoor permit application overview; SO2 Allowances have a possibility of being sold by Burlington Electric, councilor personally does not support the action
  • Wright: Little League Starting up on Saturday with Douglas’ opening pitch
  • Ashe: Center City little league starting as well with Clavelle’s opening pitch
  • Blais & George: Green Up Day Extending to New North End for the 1st time on Saturday at Ethan Allen Park
  • May 23rd Committee meeting reports

    • Presentation repetition and material given to councilors
    • retreats for the council (in 2003-4) showed that the committee structure could be more organized
    • reconvene structure committee this month and get back on track in June

Public Forum

  • Mr. Wood: The city departments need to be reappraised as well as the properties in Burlington; also code enforcement being violated with parking on lawn

Mayor’s General City Affairs

  • Councilor Knodell and Mayor Clavelle attended the groundbreaking at UVM construction site last weekend
  • A federal grant has been approved to CEDO for their work against lead poisoning
  • Burlington City Arts fundraiser for Art Education opportunities, Tom Brennan attended as well
  • Green up day on the 6th (for Downtown businesses) and the 7th for residentsl and Earth Network program will be starting up at UVM this summer
  • Reappraisal hearings are still ongoing, so far there have been 528 hearings

Committee reports

  • Blais: 4 EMTs helped deliver a baby from Franklin square roadside
  • Keogh: Looking at ward’s transportation needs (ie expanding North Avenue)
  • Montroll: Board committee meeting on 5/4 at 7PM regarding greenbelts and zoning rewrite
  • Knodell: Charter Change waiting for Montpelier (IRV)
  • Clavelle: Budget presented at next meeting on 5/9
  • Perry: Meeting every 2 weeks for Moran (including long range planning)

Fiscal Year 2006 Budget

  • Copies of the budget analysis are available at the City Clerk’s office

    • Possible action by the council at the May 9th or 23rd meeting

Public safety resolution’s Public Forum

  • Sarah Kinney (A new resident to Old North End): encourage prevention of crime starting with children
  • Mark Larson: violence is wron and must be held accountable; potentional solutions: addressing violations of court orders, as they are not being addressed now
  • Debra Gouton: registry listings are not helpful to possible victims; treatment greatly reduces possibility of other attacks; encourage prevention in schools
  • Sandy Baird (Ward 1 & Caroline fund): doesn’t agree with civil commitments that were added by Wright
  • Kara Dealmatis (Exec. Director of Safespace):most are someone you know (she was assaulted by her grandfather); agencies need more funding; minimum sentences and longer sentences for offenders
    (Safespace did receive a Community Development Block grant)
  • Celia Gutty (Executive director of women’s rape crisis center): 1/4 of victims chose to report the crime to Burlington Police; their center’s funding from the Federal level is being cut this year
  • Doug King: prevention is the key to solving the crisis, starting with sex education in schools
  • Louise Andrews: Editorial in the Free Press focused on what women should do to prevent it from happening to them, which is appalling
  • Robert Bussiere: Not everyone should be put on the list for violent crimes (ie kids bringing a pocketknife to school); it affects the civil liberties of those people
    (women’s rights group shakes their heads in disagreement)
  • Chief Tremblay: a gag order was placed on the police department because of the Winterbottom case; registry won’t prevent the crime from occuring; the DNA testing use should be expanded by giving the labs more funding, as there is a delay in results
  • Commissioner Sleeper: Burlington’s doing what needs to be done to protect the city
  • Simpson: GPS technology may be used as a substitute for jail; 1 of 2 in prison will be committing another crime within a year

    • Keogh: Is there a DNA lab setback? No, they’re working very well

2005 Burlington Consolidated 1 year plan

  • Margaret (regarding Comm. Devel. Block grant funds): happens annually in order to receive the funds from the federal level
  • Blais: disappointed that the Ethan Allen tower steps project did not receive any funding at all, even though it’s the Centennial Celebration this summer, but will still approve it

Resolutions posted to City website

  • Ashe: Several constituents are asking for copies of the resolutions that are being passed, and thinks that posting them to the website will greatly help
  • Bushor: refer back to board of finance (not a friendly amendment)
  • Montroll: government should be more open to the constituents
  • George: can the council set a date on motion to refer and include a possible archive of the resolutions?

    • Moved to board of finance

Meeting Adjourned at 9PM

Vice Chair’s Side Note:

Jeremy and I also attended the Board of Finance meeting at 5PM, to which Councilor Blais saw us, and commented: “You guys attend more meetings than I do.”

May 9, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Councilors Missing: Fiermonte, McDonough
Late: Knodell (15 minutes late), Shannon (30 minutes late)

Local Control Commission (LCC)

  • 4.03: Sweetwater’s requesting to expand their outdoor dining area; concern with pedestrian right of way at the corner of College and Church streets

    • Curley: Extra seats at sidewalk has already been corrected and has been shown to the LCC
    • Montroll: concerned because their permanent outdoor structure already filled with seats
    • Council approved their outdoor expansion (Curley motioned with Perry 2nd)

  • 5: Proposed Standard Liquor Liscense Conditions 2005-6 (from State of VT)

    • Curley: all establishments should have a copy of these conditions instead of the clerk having to obtain a copy for everyone
    • Blais 2nded, with council approving

Public Forum

  • Cecila Hutty (director of Rape Crisis center): Public safety task force (PSTF) is needed, however current programs are losing federal grant money; but many PSTF’s are already in existence, so the city should try to expand and help those already started instead of starting another one
  • Jan Schultz & Greg Etherwood: Applying to the telecommunications advisory board
  • Jared Wood: Waterfront fireworks last week violated the noise ordinance that the city has mandated; the sound of them scared his sleeping grandson so much that it took almost 2 hours to calm him down; wants to know who knew about the event, and why the public was not informed of them

General City Affairs (Councilors)

  • Shannon: apologizes for being late to meeting, she was celebrating her child’s 3rd birthday
  • Montroll: Went out with 4 year old son on Green up day to help clean up, noticed the large amount of cigarette butts on the ground; at a particular greenbelt infront of a residence, they were there for 5 minutes cleaning until the resident came out embarrassed and said don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it;
    perhaps the smoking community should be informed about this, and if they are still littering, then perhaps an ordinance should be put into place similarly to the dog poop one
  • Bushor: Ward 1 has had a lot of email regaring the planning and zoning permit process; mostly because people applying for permits overstep the time period for public/community involvement; there should be a reinforcement of the time between permit application and construction
  • Knodell: Boards and commissions new representatives are receiving training and mentoring in their new departments
  • Ashe & Wright: Little League started up on Saturday the 7th

General City Affairs (Mayor)

  • Green up day great results; reappraisal values for apartments and commercial were just sent out today; May 27th 1-4PM on Loomis St – Move up day event

Committee Reports

  • Curley: Gross receipts tax is still being worked on; working on lowering incidents on lower Church st, as lowering the hours of operation haven’t worked
  • Montroll: Greenbelt ordinance and zoning rewrite still being worked on; At next meeting (May 17th), the Carbon monoxide detector and bows & arrows ordinance will be addressed, and the outsourcing ordinance is still being worked on as well
  • Keogh: Meeting this wednesday at Dept. of Public Works
  • Carleton: Goal committee meeting on 17th, with input from councilors still ongoing

Resolution 9: Requesting the state to mandate disclosure of healthcare-acquired infections by healthcare facilities (Wright)

  • Postponed again until the May 23rd meeting as the persons wanting to speak to council regarding resolution are not in attendance
  • Bushor & George: There is no healthcare-acquired infections by FAHC, and some doctors that have been interviewed by George say there is none either
  • Keogh: Wasn’t the debate postponed til the 23rd meeting?

    • Carleton: Yes, but it is debateable
    • George Voted against postponement; Council approves to postpone

Presentation by Tom Moreau of the Chittenden Solid Waste District (re: budget for 2006)

  • Bulk of current costs consist of recycling

  • They’re adding more employees due to more work,and currently designing another landfill

  • Hazardous waste (added by state of VT) adds an additional $35,000 to budget

  • Currently paying $4 Million for the new landfill and now have an engineer working on it, scheduled to open in 2008

  • Bushor: Glad our representatives support the budget; How is the money generated?
    Money is dedicated in reserves for every 5 years (currently have $5.6 Million in reserves, and has been accumulating)

  • Keogh: Flynn Ave facility?
    City allows 339 Pine St. for $1 per year, and it’s currently the worst performing site they have, so they’re hesitant to move it to Flynn Ave location; currently considering to convert the Pine St. facility to a drive thru, which is under permit process

  • Montroll: The trial for the new landfill’s site finished then?
    Yes, the judge presiding took nearly a year to make a decision

Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM