Apr 18, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

Public Forum

  • Martha Lang (Colchester Ave) Opposed to giving away University Place to UVM – giving away would be losing 1/4 of a mile; an estimated 2-3 million would be the price to upgrade University Place

  • Rep. Mark Larson: Supports the public safety resolution, is a step in the right direction for Burlington

Fiscal Year 2006 Budget

  • Copies of the budget analysis are available at the City Clerk’s office

    • There will be a special Board of Fianance meetinf on April 25th to discuss the budget deficit of $200,000; with possible action by the council at the May 9th or 23rd meeting
    • Councilor Blais: Notices Gosse Ct Armory is on the listing of possible cuts to make; will it definately be removed?
      Yes, possibly due to the current budget constraints
    • Councilor George: If removed, will the Armory be closed?
      No, as the Parks and Rec department has some money allocated for the center in the current budget’s plan
    • Fiermonte: Perhaps the city should look into non-property taxable income?
      Clavelle: since the sales tax was voted down by the city last month, the city is currently in talks with non profits such as Fletcher Allen to help with funding
    • Montroll: Cutting things like the Winterfest are not a good idea, and citizens will not be happy
      Yes, they realize the effect; encourages the council and public to come forward with ideas on streamlining the budget

Public safety resolution

  • Councilor Wright: Extending DNA database, longer sentences, etc. may also be a good idea to add to the bill; Kerry Sleeper, head of the VT Dept. of Public Safety endorses the bill; the resolution would support the bill currently in the house
  • Mayor Clavelle: Concerned that they would be addressing a civil commitment bill
  • Resolution unanimously passes by council

CEDO presentation

  • CEDO has been in talks with the Catholic Diocese (but Monte could not name the person he spoke with) about developing some of the land they own off of North Avenue
  • The state of Vermont is currently looking to sell the DMV/welfare office on North Avenue

    • Councilor Shannon: What about the Southern Connector?
      Recycle North will be affected by it, but they do realize that they may have to move, due to the lease terms

  • The BankNorth building block on Main St also is currently up for sale by Redstone, parts of the block already have plans in the works, such as a market/condominium building on one portion
  • Council unanimously approves the development of the Morton Parcel (in South End)
  • Moran currently on hold until Monte meets with the new committee

    • Councilor Bushor: The Board of Finance approves the public process that the Moran project is receiving
    • Councilor George: Looking forward to working on the committee for Moran project

Reviewing Audit of the City’s Expenditures

  • Councilor Keogh: Concerned that the city isn’t getting receipts for the purchases made; also what about the persons handling cash?
    The City does get receipts, and there are procedures in place for those employees that do handle cash, although due to the Parks and Rec’s high turnover rate, some of the employees may need retraining
  • Councilor George: What will be done to follow up with the audit? Can a summary of the implementations be sent to the council?
    The city does followup with will come back to the council with findings
  • Councilor Knodell: Trusts CAO and should not be telling Kelleher how to do their job
  • Councilor George: The city council should know how the CAO works, and if they are not doing their job, the council should make sure they do

Meeting moved to executive session at 9:30PM

Apr 11, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Newly elected (at last meeting on 4/4/05) Council President Carleton, Councilor Kurt Wright a few minutes late to the meeting

Local Control Commission

  • First Class liquor license restaurant renewals 2005-6

    • American Flatbread-Burlington (effected by an outside consumption removes it from the list)
    • Balance Team Inc (aka Breakwater’s)
    • Cobblestone Deli (The)
    • Cook Commons-Billings Ctr.
    • Coyote’s Cafe
    • India House
    • Rusty Scuffer
    • Shalimar of India
    • Shanty on the Shore
    • TGI Friday’s
    • Taste of Burlington
    • A Single Pebble
    • Iron Wolf
    • Penny Cluse Cafe
    • Splash at the Boathouse
    • Auggies Island Grill
    • Bove’s Restaurant
    • Cannon’s Restaurant
    • Four Corners of the Earth
    • Glori Nori Market & Cafe
    • Greenstreets
    • Sakura
    • Sweetwaters
    • Asiana House
    • L’Amante

  • Second Class Liquor License store renewals 2005-6

    • Bessery’s Quality market
    • Champlain Farms (315 Shelburne Rd & 219 Main St)
    • Cheese Outlet
    • Dot’s market
    • Henry Street Deli
    • Kampus Kitchen
    • Kerry’s Kwik Stop
    • Mobile Short Stop North Ave
    • Old North End Variety
    • Price Chopper #165 (License only applicable until midnight)
    • Riverside Beverage Center, Inc.
    • Rotary mart
    • Spring Discount Beverage
    • Downtown Quick Stop
    • Iron Wolf Wine
    • Wine Works

  • First Class liquor license cabaret renewals 2005-6

    • Brooks Pharmacy #834
    • Burlington Bay Market & Cafe
    • Burlington Beverage Center
    • Lucky Lance
    • Rite Aid Pharmacy of Vermont
    • Vermont Church Supply Co., Inc.
    • Waggy’s Store & Deli
    • City Market
    • Shopping Bag, Inc.

-Councilor Fiermonte: There have been complaints of adjcent area to be kept clean in the Southern part of Church St area, and he would like to see something about this implemented with the license process

-Councilor Curley: Committee should work with the Dept. of Public Works on the cleaning issue

-Councilor Montroll: 2nd Floor has had over 120 police reports, and that should effect their renewal
-Councilor McDonough: The owner of 2nd Floor has been working closely with the BPD to deteremine what does on
-Councilor Curley: Police use the nearest adresss for incidents they are called out to; moves to refer the item back to the committtee, 2nded by Councilor George

**Carleton consults with Knodell for a few moments before adding the First Class renewals (Auggie’s to L’Amante)

Mayor Clavelle & council (taking 10 minutes to fully read the resolution) gives the Key to the City to Coach Brennan, saying it,”has a second use as a bottle opener.”

Public Forum

  • Martha Lang (Colchester Ave) Opposed to giving away University Place to UVM (Clavelle smirks @ remark); not one student that she’s talked to at UVM wants the street cut off & wants vendors out, and it’s an emergency access path as well

  • Ralph Montefusco (Woodbury Rd) Applied to fill the planning commission vacancy, has been on the Ward 4 NPA steering committee since 2004, and elected Justice of the Peace this year

  • Roger Cole (Noise) hopes that the HRP will have a significant improvement to the noise problem, but agrees that it may not solve the problem

  • Monetat (Loong Chat’s) in the renewal of licenses process, could it possibly include the cleaning of trash, or maybe trash cans would help the problem
    Carleton: Referred to the liscensing committee to address the idea

Board of tax abatement

  • Request for abatement of taxes: John Shappy Sr (Elbow St – New North End) not present
    Council’s decision: Abate 50% of interest and fees, as long as it’s paid by May 2005, if not the city will follow with legal proceedings
  • Request for abatement of taxes: Lucille E Mayer (Claire Pointe Rd – Ward 4) 95 years old, recently moved to Burlington from Illinois (has trouble walking about with her cane), never saw the letter that was sent out by the city
    Councilor Shannon: Consult with lawyer that handled the paperwork, as it appears that the lawyer provided the incorrect address to the city, resulting in sending the $4,000 tax bill to an incorrect address
    Councilor George: Is there any way we can discount the fee or help her? City admin shrugs it off

    • Council almost unanimously approves to deny the abatement, with the exception of Councilor Blais; immediately after the vote, Ch. 3 reporter & Free Press approached Ms. Mayer

**Councilor Carleton’s next child is due within 1 week, so he has his cell phone on & may not be at the next council meeting on 4/18

Mayors General City Affairs

  • A rail service will start up soon, with no cost to taxpayers

Committee Reports

  • Councilor Fiermonte – Community Development & Neighborhood Revitalization

    • University Place: it’s currently being discussed by UVM and the vendors
    • Fiscal year 2006 budget will be addressed at the next meeting (4/18)

  • Councilor Perry – Parks, Arts, & Culture

    • Moran:

      • the public input process has been planned out by CEDO from now until March of next year (thanks Monte for planning it out)
      • ideas are currently being accepted, while the idea’s consequences are also being addressed
      • a ‘dotmocracy’ will be done about the ideas
      • focus groups will address the ideas singled out from the ‘dotmocracy’
      • and it will be placed on the ballot for next March, Just need the money from the budget

  • Councilor Carleton – Ordinance

    • Citizen oversight is still being hashed out in the committee

Presentation by Dept. of Public Works about Winooski River crossing sewer break

  • 2 million gallons are leaking on average per day
  • The pipe was put in place 50-55 years ago, and is still in good condition, it’s the changes in the river that have caused the pipe to leak, possibly at the joints; now there’s a possibility of 1-2 leaks
  • The first repair (done on Saturday) is only a temporary fix, as the dye tests are showing it’s starting to leak again
  • Still doesn’t know what river will do, but hoping it will be fixed within 2-3 days, as they can only have 1 diver working at a time due to the current
  • Councilor Wright: Is there a possibility that it could leak into Burlington’s water supply?
    Colder temperatures are helping prevent the bacteria from spreading
  • A wastewater plant upgrade may be necessary
  • Councilor Blais: Will the surrounding land be affected? No, as it seems to just be flowing into the river, due to the current
  • Councilor McDonough: What about the cost to the city?
    The temporary costs are covered by the Department of Public works’ wastewater budget, but may need a emergency loan from the state of Vermont

Proposed Conditions for Entertainment liscenses 2005-6

  • Hospitality Resource Panel Steering Committee

    • A pilot program to fund the Hospitality resource panel as an intermediary between the bars, and residents
    • If the establishment violates the license stipulation twice, the Burlington Police are authorized to close the establishment
    • Councilor Bushor: Were holidays or special events addressed in the process?
      No, they were not. (So, the establishments would possibly still be in violation during 4th of July)
    • Councilor Montroll: When BPD handles the complaints, is there some level of discretion on the officers? (ie if someone complains twice, can the bar be closed because of it) Yes, the BPD has discretion in their verdict
    • Councilor Shannon: What about outdoors events? (The doors/window wording shouldn’t apply) No exception to the times set
    • Councilor Fiermonte: Neighborhood residents opinions taken into consideration?
      Comprimises have been made on both sides, so no one’s fully satisfied (ie downtown residents without air conditioning in the summer & must have the windows open)
      Also residents may not call unless action have been taken by BPD or HRP

  • Public Forum

    • Doug (Former downtown resident) thanks the residents on the HRP Steering committee for their time; but no one has explained how or why the noise ordinance effects businesses; justify why the noise ordinance should not apply to downtown; rights of the residents of downtown are being violated
    • Robert (former candidate for ward 2 councilor) what about the rights of the businesses that where there before the residents moved in? (This will effect the economy)

  • Action on Public Forum

    • Councilor Curley and Wright moved to bring it back to committee
    • Councilor Montroll agrees & suggests some fine tuning
    • Motion carried by council

Program security for Youth and Vulnerable Adults (Councilors Fiermonte, Ashe, Bushor, Curley, McDonough, & Wright)

  • Requires all non-municipal organizations in Burlington to do background checks on employees
  • Passed by council

Legacy Plan Implementation for FY 2006 (Councilor Knodell & Mayor Clavelle)

  • Blais says the environmental portion needs to be clarified, and #6 needs to be based on the most instead of city wide parks
  • Moved to the meeting on May 23rd

City council with Mayor presiding

  • Councilor Knodell appointed (her) “worthy opponent” Robert Busseire to the Board of Assessors (term expires 3/31/6)

  • Councilor Ashe reappointed Richard Kemp to the Board of Assessors (term expires 3/31/8)

  • Councilor Fiermonte appointed Ralph Montefusco to the Planning commission (w/ hesitation by Wright, Curley, and Knodell for more prospects)

Meeting moved to executive session at 9:28PM

Heavenly Ryan Elected Vice Chair of Vermont Libertarian Party

At the March state committee meeting, Heavenly Ryan was elected vice chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party to fill the vacant position.

About Heavenly Ryan

Heavenly currently serves as vice chair of the Burlington Libertarian Party, Ward 7 steering committee member and works with her husband, at Advantage Creations of Burlington.


Heavenly Ryan
53 Avenue C
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Phone: 802/865-0111
Fax: 309/406-3143
Email: [email protected]

Mar 7, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Mayor Clavelle absent, Council President Montroll appointed “stand-in” Mayor for the meeting, Councilor Ian Carleton voted by Council as “stand-in” Council President

City Councilors General City Affairs

  • Councilor Curley: Results from the Town Meeting Day Food Drive, Ward 7 had the most with 503 pounds donated at the polls, other Wards have around 100 pounds
  • Councilor Knodell: “Politics and the Public Trust: In Search of the Next Generation of Civic Heroes” will take place Monday, March 14, at 4 p.m. in the University of Vermont’s Ira Allen Chapel. The event is free and open to the public.

Mayors General City Affairs

  • Review over the results of Town Meeting Day
  • Tim Rollings (YMCA Director) has asked to be on the agenda for the next two weeks
  • There is a current budget gap of $500,000 as the budget currently is, since the sales tax was voted down by the voters

Committee Reports

  • Councilor Keogh: Vermont Supreme Court stay placed on Manhattan Pizza’s appeal
  • Councilor O’Sullivan: The Rte 127 intersection will be discusssed at the next committee meeting as well as the CCTA’s Montpelier trip money
  • Councilor Knodell: On March 30th, there will be a meeting for Tax Abatement
  • Councilor Carleton: At the last meeting
    • The Carbon Monoxide ordinances were discussed, with New York City and Texas as the leading examples
    • The committee is currently looking into a union deterrance ordinance, which the City Attorney says the Federal Govt will not allow
    • The committee is also looking into a outsourcing deterrance ordinance, which is currently in the works as well

Presentation by Barnes Elementary School 4th and 5th Graders – Healthy Neighborhood Kids

  • Since the North Street redevelopment project has completed, there are no school or speed limit signs on North Street
    Council voted to refer the comments to the transportation committee

Public Forum

  • Linda Bluguse: New resident of Burlington, patrons who smoke are more likely to get ‘mickeys’ slipped into their drinks because of the ban, it appears the council has not thought of this effect
  • Donna Sweeney: Let the Priate Clubs decide on the smoking ban
  • Laura Parkinson: An Air Force veteran; supports the ban
  • Renee (Ward 7): Supports the ban
  • Dr. Martha Lang: (I) Running for Mayor; Concerned with the tax increases, was a former social worker in the Bronx; If elected she will take a 20% pay cut, and bring her own lunch… (good ideas, but she appears to be too serious in her demeanor)
  • Lynn Brown (Non-smoking Bartender of Eagle’s Club) took a poll of the employees of the clubs, and only 2 out of 20 said they would support the ban, she opposes ban and is a non-smoker

Presentation on Housing Targets by Brian Pine of CEDO

  • Housing targets program reaches until 2010, with 5 year intervals
  • Housing defined as permanent, year round residences (college students not in effect)
  • A moderate income is defined as 80-120% of the Median Household income, with affordable at less than 80%
  • The target is not to exceed 125% of 10 year average growth from the 1980s to 2000
  • 10,000 new units need to be added
  • 1,560 new units need to be added for Burlington alone; 300 units of which are currently under review
  • Question Councilor Bushor: How to address poverty level incomes? and why not more targets?
    (Brian Pine immediately turns red) Doesn’t give a straight answer
  • Question Councilor Blais: Currently there is not enough affordable housing for poverty level income households, how is this addressed?
    Still no straight answer
  • Question Councilor O’Sullivan: Would the ‘mother in law’ apartments help the need?
    Yes, it would, but it is currently being reviewed
  • Question Councilor Ellis: Will there be enough space for more development?
    It will soon become a question of tradeoffs, such as trading a downtown parking lot for an apartment complex

Sales Tax defeat

  • Since there is still a budgetary spending gap, there will be no property tax relief
  • Hoping for it to be settled by the May meeting

Smoking ordinance

  • Councilor Curley: Motions to refer the ordinance back to committee, seconded by Councilor Knodell
    Committee would not take it back because they have had it in committee for over one year
  • Councilor Curley then asked for a roll-call vote for allowing clubs to vote on ban by a 2/3rds margin of members:
    Group 1 (supporting ban)- Knodell, O’Sullivan, Keogh, Shannon, Blais, Bushor, and Ellis
    Group 2 (against ban)- Fiermonte, Curley, Carleton, Ashe, Montroll (not voting) and Donovan
    **Since Clavelle was convieniently away, there was no tie in the vote
  • Since the supporters have it, votes were then cast for the ban as amended:
    Group 1 (supporting ban)- Knodell, Donovan, O’Sullivan, Keogh, Shannon, Blais, Bushor, Fiermonte, and Ellis
    Group 2 (against ban)- Curley, and Ashe

CCMPO Funding Resolution

  • Marian Sullivan of the Burlington Electric Department as presenter
  • Also in conjunction with the Burlington Climate Protection task force (created by Council)
    Unanimously passed

New YMCA Location – Montroll and Carleton

  • Time when placed on agenda 9:20PM
  • No YMCA personnel in audience, including Tim Rollings
  • Councilor Perry asks CEDO Director Monte to discuss Y’s planning, to which Monte gives a full account of the process in a depressed tone, saying they will work closely with the YMCA to keep them within Burlington

Meeting moved to executive session at 10PM

Mar 16, 2005 – Wards 4 & 7 NPA Meeting

7PM, Hunt Middle School (Classroom A-1) – Wards 4 & 7 March NPA Meeting

(Turn left after going in the main doors to the school. The classroom is
on the way to the library on the right side of the hall.)

On the Agenda:
7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules and Announcements
7:10 Reports from Elected Officials
7:25 NPA Steering Committee Elections
7:35 Legacy Community Food Assessment Report – The Burlington Legacy Project has partnered with several different School, Food, and Farm-related organizations on the Burlington School Food Project. This partnership resulted in the creation of the Community Food Assessment which has come up with some recommendations for linking local farms, school food and child nutrition. Emily Price will present for the Legacy Project on their results.
7:55 NDBG Adjustment
Jim Flint of Friends of Burlington Community Gardens requests a
reallocation of the 2003 grant for the North Avenue State Land at the
old Thayer School.
8:00 Neighborhood Development Block Grant (NDBG)
Find out what grants have been submitted to deal with issues of poverty
in our wards. As a group we will be approving each grant for submission
to the NDBG board so that representatives can assign allocate funds to
8:50 Speak Out
9:00 Adjournment

Peter Potts, president of Steering Committee calls Meeting to order at 7:05PM


-Beth Ruzansky, Neighborhood Night of Success on Thurs. Apr 7th 5:30PM at Contois Auditorium, dinner and entertainment provided

Reports from Elected Officials:

  • Mark Lawson:

    • The state’s budget is set to be passed next week in the legislature

    • There was to be $500,000 cut to the assistance for independent living seniors and Vermont Legal Aid, however it was placed back in by the work of the representatives

    • The cost of corrections is still being hashed out, as it’s costing too much to send offenders out of state

    • There is a bill in works about increasing minimum wages, it will either increase the cost of living or add 1/4 to the minimum wages

    • Gosse court armory is not being used by the Natl. Guard, ideally the Reps. would like it used all the time by the youth center

    • A carbon monoxide detector bill was also near unanimously passed

    • Healthcare issue is still being worked out, a new one in the Senate (S. 147) is trying to gain ground, but all the bills in the House are still in committee being debated

  • Ellie Blais:

    • Smoking ban passed nearly unanimously at last meeting

    • New council members from wards 4 and 7 will be placed soon

    • There are vacancies on the commissions, including the planning commission

    • The budget and president of council will be up for council’s vote soon, as it stands Carleton is the only person up for the position, as the person running against him bowed out

Steering Committee Elections:

Nominations from the Floor:

  • Margaret Gundersen– removes Mary Jo Blondin from the slate of nominees from the Steering committee, Ms. Blondin bows out due to family concerns

  • Linda Deliduka– 2 nominations for ward 7: Linda Hartford and Susanne White

  • Jim Flint- Official nomination for ward 4: Jim Holway

  • Joanna Cole– Nominates DK Johnson for ward 4 (not in attendance)

The New Ward 4 & 7 Steering Committee for 2005:
Ward 4:
Mary Ann Blaisdell, Russ Ellis, Jim Flint, Margaret Gundersen, Arthur Hogan, Jim Haloway, DK Johnson, and Ralph Montefusco
Ward 7: Joanna Cole, Linda Deliduka, Linda Hartford, Helen Hossley, Heavenly Ryan, Jeremy Ryan, and Susanne White

Legacy Community Food Assessment Report by Emily Price:

Building Burlington into a sustainable community by integrating food from Burlington Gardens and the Intervale into the Burlington School Food Service

NDBG Adjustment presentation by Jim Flint:

Requesting an extension of the previous grant extended to the Friends of Burlington Gardens until June (when ground thaws) for projects at Flynn, Hunt CP Smith and Burlington High School. It will help pay for topsoil from the Intervale for the beds, and a possible water meter for the gardens at Ferrington’s Mobile Home park to monitor the cost of watering upkeep
Approved unanimously by NPA

Neighborhood Development Block Grant Allocations:
Find out what grants have been submitted to deal with issues of poverty in our wards
Five Requests for the $7,000 Ward 4 & 7 NDBG funds:

  1. Repair the fields at Hunt Middle School – Presenter not in attendance
    Requested Amount: $6,000 – Grant disregarded due to presenter not in attendance

  2. Ethan Allen Tower steps – David & Ann Arms – Requested Amount: $5,649
    Granted $4,519 – reduced by 20%

  3. Heineberg Senior Center Kitchen Floor – Gail Moreau – Requested Amount: $10,032.80
    Granted $10,032 without 20% reduction – Has primary position for wards 4 & 7 allocation money

  4. Battery Park Sitting Circle – Doug Woods – Requested Amount: $2,000
    Granted $1,600 – reduced by 20%

  5. Burlington School Gardens – Jim Flint (will not take part in 2nd hearing for funds as he is a presenter for the grant) – Requested Amount: $3,000 – Granted $2,400 – reduced by 20%

Meeting Adjourned at 9:20PM

Mar 2, 2005 – Ward 4 & 7 Steering Committee Meeting

7PM, Killarney Drive – Ward 4 & 7 Steering Committee Meeting


  • Welcome and Ground rules
  • Annoucements
  • Reports from Elected Officials
  • Nominations for Steering Committee – a slate of nominees and nominations from the floor

    • Peter Potts stepping down from Steering Committee due to scheduling conflicts
    • Jim Flint appointed new Chair of NPA

  • A presentation by Emily Price from the Burlington Food Council
  • A presentation by Ita Meno of CEDO about Community Development Block Grants, moderated by Helen Hossley
  • Speak out

Steering Committee new nominations:

  • Ward 4: Mary Jo Blondin – Lived in Burlington for over 30 years, lives on Killarney Dr, would like to become more active within community
  • Ward 7: JoAnna Cole – Lived in Burlington for one year, originally from Connecticut, a chemistry professor, lives at River’s Edge

Feb 2, 2005 – Ward 4 & 7 Steering Committee Meeting

7PM, Lakewood Parkway- Ward 4 & 7 Steering Committee Meeting

**Missing Steering Committee members:
Ward 4: Arthur Hogan
Ward 7: Linda Deliduka & Helen Hossley

Peter Potts called meeting to order, and after sorting through the presentation requests from Let the People Decide, Superintendent Amsden, and Mayor Clavelle / Brendan Kelleher, the committee has come up with the following agenda:

Wards 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly
Wednesday, February 16, 2005, 7 p.m.
Lyman C. Hunt Middle School Learning Center

7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules and Announcements

7:10 YMCA/Moran Plant Proposal
Panel Discussion with representatives of the YMCA, CEDO and Let the
People Decide

7:30 Burlington School Budget Proposal
Lyman Amsden, Superintendent

7:40 Burlington Ballot Items
Peter Clavelle, Mayor
Brendan Kelleher, CAO

8:00 Wards 4 and 7 City Council and School Board Candidate Forum

8:45 Recap and Speak Out

9:00 Adjournment

Wards 4 & 7 Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee meets to set the agenda for the next meeting. You are welcome to participate, please contact Peter Potts for more information on the meeting.

Steering Committee members:
Ward 4: Mary Ann Blaisdell, Jim Flint, Margaret Gundersen, Arthur Hogan, Ralph Montefusco, & Peter Potts.

Ward 7: Ellie Blais, Linda Deliduka & Helen Hossley.

Feb 7, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois AuditoriumBurlington City Council Meeting – Discussion of Manhattan Pizza, City Smoking Ban applying to private clubs, Legislative intent for FY 2006 of the Proposed 1% sales tax

(Next Meeting February 22nd)

*Councilor missing: Cheryl McDonough, Ward 2
Councilor late: Jean O’Sullivan, Ward 7

Local Control Commission:

  • Councilor Keogh reports a 3 hour hearing with 7 witnesses regarding Manhattan Pizza(Who reportedly over-served a patron alcohol, then a pool cue was used in a fight)**Manhattan Pizza meeting in recess 7:37PM until Executive session at meeting end)

  • 35% is the mark for the restaurants and bars, any more than 35% and the establishment is considered a bar

  • Any Public hearings on the matter? They are due by May 1st

  • Amendment to the rules by Fiermonte and Bushor; defining a restaurant by the city atty.

  • Councilor Perry: The city cannot enforce all fo the laws imposed

  • Concern: Kathy Sweeney- Bars’ obstructed view to uphold the liquor liscense (ie NECI)

  • Chris (NECI)- concern over break period between times, as customers may want a drink while watching the students, with the new wording, it would not be open

  • Leslie Meyers (Sweetwaters)- supports the law

  • Bob- there needs to be a public forum about the rules

  • Curley moved to refer matter to committee, 2nded by Bushor, Perry agrees, Keogh opposed

**Adjourned at 8:07PM

Public Forum

  • Diane Garron: Burlington currently pays $674,000 per year on the Moran Plant, and it will not be paid off untiil 2017; $474,000 is still over due, not the $425,000 as previously quoted by Clavelle; Would the City council commit themselves to the deal? [No response by the council]

  • Nancy Wood (Burlington Business Association): Opinions of the members of the association are mixed about the sales tax, it will not help the city, Burlington taxes for business owners are high enough as it is already, while property taxes are lower

  • Alan Sousie: Urges council to ask the legislature for more permissable uses for Moran; does not support the tax incremental financing

  • Charity Tensel (Burl. GOP chair): Tax increment financing is not good, how will the YMCA develop revenue for the city if they are a non-profit?

  • Sandy Winn: supports the houseing targets, and the targets are not quotas (ie 10 years)

  • Kurt Wright: City needs to find out what the residents want at Moran


  • Councilor Carleton: A hotel at the corner of cherry and battery street is in the works; smoking ordinance is currently in the city attorney’s office

  • Councilor Keogh (Liscense comm.): A texas hold em poker tournament may or may not be in violation of the gambling, but they will go ahead and hold it Councilor O’Sullivan (Transportation comm.): CIRC public forum at the meeting on Feb 21st, the committee would like a full 5 year plan for the transportation, may include rental cars for the UVM students to share


  • A rememberance ceremony for Big Joe will be on May 26th,

  • Feb 16th a fundraiser at ECHO

  • Village to village networking with Sri Lanka

  • 50% cut to Vermont Legal Aid

Sales Tax:

  • Councilor O’Sullivan wants the revenue generated from the tax to first go towards budget

  • **Councilor Knodell leaves, then returns in middle of Smoking Ban discussion

Smoking Ban:

  • Councilor Ellis: voted against ordinance, but supports the freedom of smoking for the clubs to keep the smoking, but have a poll of their members to allow smoking:

  • 11 opposed, 2 approve (Curley & Ashe)

  • For the complete ban of clubs, public and private:

  • 12 approve, 1 opposed (Curley)

**Council moved to Executive Session at 11PM

Feb 16, 2005 – Wards 4 & 7 NPA Meeting

7PM, Lyman C. Hunt Middle School – Wards 4 & 7 February NPA Meeting

On the agenda is:

– Presentations by City Officials & the Let the People Decide group about March Ballot items
– Meet with your candidates for City Councilor, School Commissioner, and Inspector of Elections

Peter Potts calls Meeting to order


-Beth Ruzansky, Community dinner on Sat. Feb 19th 3-5PM at Boys and Girls Club

Jim Flint moderator of the YMCA/Moran plant forum
(Let the People Decide representatives not present)
Scott Johnstone YMCA project manager from Ward 4 in attendance
Question: Linda Deliduka: Land around the Moran, how could that be used?
Government, Recreational facilities, according to the Public Land Trust doctrine
Question: Charlie: Does the daycare location has to be at Moran? Yes, to save YMCA costs
Question: Betsy: Relation to the BHS project, will there be overlap? Doesn’t know
Question: Has any engineering evaluations of the Moran site been done? Yes, three so far
Question: Ralph Montefusco: What about the permit process? Will there be more public input?
It will go through the City’s permit process, depending on the site design; enough participation as it is already
Question: Teresa: Since Let the People Decide isn’t present, how does the other view of project get heard? Who would be responsible for the contamination of the site?
Cleanup has already been done, more information is still being gathered, if there is too much contamination, project will not go through
Question: Is the YMCA paying rent at College street location? and why a 99 year lease?
Y owns the current location
Question: Will the YMCA move out of Burlington if the vote doesn’t pass? They will try to stay within Burlington

Paul Hale presents the School Budget ballot item in place of Superintendent Amsden
Most of the Budget increases are for salaries and benefits
-$700,000 towards for Special Education section alone for 6 new Special Education personel

Mayor Clavelle presents the City Ballot items
-State mandated the reappraisal (has a don’t blame the city attitude and look)
-Burlington would receive estimated $1.6 Million from the Sales Tax if approved
Question: Betsy- is there any overlap that is between the YMCA and the new upcoming BHS complex? Not that he knows of
Question: Bill- Has there been an assessment done for the sales tax’s effect on small Burlington businesses? No, but Public Forums have been held
Question: Clif- Reappraisal: is it flat or neutral? The taxes will increase for renters, and go down for the residential properties

Ward 4 & 7 Candidate Forums:
(Members from each ward split into two sections for the candidate forums for City Council, and School Board)

Paul Hale – Incumbent of Ward 7, running for School Commissioner
(Michael McGarghan not present at Forum)
-Mr. Hale believes Burlington school’s administration is efficient as it currently is now
-Question: Would it have to be done anyway? Answer: Yes
Question: Would the School District consider corporate sponsorship? Answer: They’d rather not

Candidates for City Council: Carmen George (D) and Alan Sousie (R)
Marketing director for Good News Garage, she would listen to what the client wants, for the city she would do the same for her ward, would enhance communication between the City and the residents through the website, excited about the Armory acquisition and Leddy Park enhancements, and supports the 1% sales tax
Alan: Councilor Montroll impressed with his Council Meeting attendance record, Does not support Instant Runoff Voting, and would like to see all of the money generated from the sales tax go towards property tax relief

Burlington High School’s Athletic Complex:
Believes it is the wrong time with the reappraisal coming into effect
Carmen: Supports the complex, seems embarassing for the City and school

Extension of the smoking ban to private clubs:
Private clubs should have their rights, disagrees with ban
Alan: has a paradox because of his Nursing background, but disagrees with the ban

Sales tax increase: the effect on businesses?:
: Other communities such as Williston have box stores, he’s a conservative thinker
Carmen: There would be no difference if it went into effect

Stand on the property tax and taxes in Burlington?
: Not afraid to study the issues, supportive of the prebate
Carmen: Approves of the prebates as well

Speak out by the attendees:
-Teresa: Even though the Let the People Decide group isn’t here, be sure to take part in Public Forums and research Moran before voting
Bill: (owner of Wine Works) 1% Sales tax isn’t good for small business
Michael: Public isn’t informed fully about YMCA/Moran, feels the Let the People decide group is biased, no actual facts out there
Mark: 127 Intersection is being brought up at the next council meeting on Feb 22nd, 7PM City Hall
Alan: Would like to see the YMCA money go towards the BHS field renovation

Meeting Adjourned at 9PM

Feb 22, 2005 – City Council Meeting

7PM, Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall- Burlington City Council Meeting

**Councilor late: (5 mins) – Sharon Bushor, Ward 1 and (15 mins) – Jane Knodell, Ward 2
Councilor absent: Carleton, Ward 1

City Councilors General City Affairs

  • Councilor Curley: Supports Councilor Bushor’s re-election, she has done a lot of work to help the council
  • Councilor Knodell: Appreciates donation of money from Citizen’s Bank to the community
  • Councilor Knodell: Texas Hold Em Tournament at Nectar’s on 2/20 low key, professional
  • Councilor Ashe: YMCA forum at Barnes, 7PM
  • Councilor Blais: Ethan Allen tower celebration on August 13th

Mayors General City Affairs

  • Absentee ballots available for those unable to make it to the polls on March 1st; Adelphia’s monopoly on Burlington will no longer be, city looking into offering service for Burlington

Public Forum

  • Rep. Mark Lawson: The intersection at Rte. 127 and North Avenue needs to be modified, as it is dangerous to pedestrians
  • Winston LaPase Jr.: In the pledge to the flag, the charges against Chris Smith are unjust, and there was no purchase of alcohol for a minor
  • Robert Bussiere: Tear down Moran and place a replica of the Main station paid with a thirty year bond
  • Tim Rollings: Thanks the council for their time and work on Moran
  • Diane Garron: YMCA is flip-floping on benefits to city, Knodell & O’Sullivan if they had it their way, it would not have been voted on (O’Sullivan nods in agreement)
  • Kevin Ryan: Doesn’t want the YMCA there, a recreation center should be there instead
  • Judy Stephanie: Believes the smoking ban should stay in effect as it is
  • Fred (Elks member): Elk organization isn’t private, but a fraternal organization
  • Jim Robar (St. Johns Club): club wasn’t notified of any meeting, even though they were told they would be
  • Lauren (St Johns Club): Smokers choose to be there, no facts about the employees, and the ban is tyranny
  • Frank: What’s next? Guess the councilors know better than citizens do

Smoking ban:

  • Councilor Keogh: Simply will not change mind about the ban, because he doesn’t like smoking… it isn’t a right, but a public health issue
  • Councilor Shannon requests a recess, approved by Montroll
    (During the ‘5 minute’ recess the councilors huddled into 2 groups:
    Group 1- O’Sullivan, Keogh, Shannon, Montroll, then 2 mins later: Bushor and Ellis
    Group 2- Clavelle, Fiermonte, Curley, Knodell, Ashe, and Donovan)
  • Councilors against reconsidering ban altogether: Blais and O’Sullivan (ward 7)
  • Keogh: postpone until the next meeting: March 7th, 2nded by Councilor Shannon

    • Councilor Blais opposed postponement

Presentation on Housing Targets postponed until next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:08PM

~*~ Vice Chair’s side note:
Hardy Machia
has an online petition for those against any smoking ban within Vermont:

-Also, the Free Press had an article up on Monday about the possible statewide Smoking Ban in Vermont bars, the committees in Montpelier are requesting the public speak up about tonight (Feb 24th), 6PM in Montpelier. Please, after submitting your name to the petition, please send an email to:
mailto:[email protected] Rep. Ann Pugh (S. Burlington)
mailto:[email protected] Rep. Francis Brooks (Montpelier, through the Sgt. at arms)

The Montpelier debate is over whether a smoking ban would help or hurt businesses within Vermont