wards 4 & 7

Mar 16, 2005 – Wards 4 & 7 NPA Meeting

7PM, Hunt Middle School (Classroom A-1) – Wards 4 & 7 March NPA Meeting

(Turn left after going in the main doors to the school. The classroom is
on the way to the library on the right side of the hall.)

On the Agenda:
7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules and Announcements
7:10 Reports from Elected Officials
7:25 NPA Steering Committee Elections
7:35 Legacy Community Food Assessment Report – The Burlington Legacy Project has partnered with several different School, Food, and Farm-related organizations on the Burlington School Food Project. This partnership resulted in the creation of the Community Food Assessment which has come up with some recommendations for linking local farms, school food and child nutrition. Emily Price will present for the Legacy Project on their results.
7:55 NDBG Adjustment
Jim Flint of Friends of Burlington Community Gardens requests a
reallocation of the 2003 grant for the North Avenue State Land at the
old Thayer School.
8:00 Neighborhood Development Block Grant (NDBG)
Find out what grants have been submitted to deal with issues of poverty
in our wards. As a group we will be approving each grant for submission
to the NDBG board so that representatives can assign allocate funds to
8:50 Speak Out
9:00 Adjournment

Peter Potts, president of Steering Committee calls Meeting to order at 7:05PM


-Beth Ruzansky, Neighborhood Night of Success on Thurs. Apr 7th 5:30PM at Contois Auditorium, dinner and entertainment provided

Reports from Elected Officials:

  • Mark Lawson:

    • The state’s budget is set to be passed next week in the legislature

    • There was to be $500,000 cut to the assistance for independent living seniors and Vermont Legal Aid, however it was placed back in by the work of the representatives

    • The cost of corrections is still being hashed out, as it’s costing too much to send offenders out of state

    • There is a bill in works about increasing minimum wages, it will either increase the cost of living or add 1/4 to the minimum wages

    • Gosse court armory is not being used by the Natl. Guard, ideally the Reps. would like it used all the time by the youth center

    • A carbon monoxide detector bill was also near unanimously passed

    • Healthcare issue is still being worked out, a new one in the Senate (S. 147) is trying to gain ground, but all the bills in the House are still in committee being debated

  • Ellie Blais:

    • Smoking ban passed nearly unanimously at last meeting

    • New council members from wards 4 and 7 will be placed soon

    • There are vacancies on the commissions, including the planning commission

    • The budget and president of council will be up for council’s vote soon, as it stands Carleton is the only person up for the position, as the person running against him bowed out

Steering Committee Elections:

Nominations from the Floor:

  • Margaret Gundersen– removes Mary Jo Blondin from the slate of nominees from the Steering committee, Ms. Blondin bows out due to family concerns

  • Linda Deliduka– 2 nominations for ward 7: Linda Hartford and Susanne White

  • Jim Flint- Official nomination for ward 4: Jim Holway

  • Joanna Cole– Nominates DK Johnson for ward 4 (not in attendance)

The New Ward 4 & 7 Steering Committee for 2005:
Ward 4:
Mary Ann Blaisdell, Russ Ellis, Jim Flint, Margaret Gundersen, Arthur Hogan, Jim Haloway, DK Johnson, and Ralph Montefusco
Ward 7: Joanna Cole, Linda Deliduka, Linda Hartford, Helen Hossley, Heavenly Ryan, Jeremy Ryan, and Susanne White

Legacy Community Food Assessment Report by Emily Price:

Building Burlington into a sustainable community by integrating food from Burlington Gardens and the Intervale into the Burlington School Food Service

NDBG Adjustment presentation by Jim Flint:

Requesting an extension of the previous grant extended to the Friends of Burlington Gardens until June (when ground thaws) for projects at Flynn, Hunt CP Smith and Burlington High School. It will help pay for topsoil from the Intervale for the beds, and a possible water meter for the gardens at Ferrington’s Mobile Home park to monitor the cost of watering upkeep
Approved unanimously by NPA

Neighborhood Development Block Grant Allocations:
Find out what grants have been submitted to deal with issues of poverty in our wards
Five Requests for the $7,000 Ward 4 & 7 NDBG funds:

  1. Repair the fields at Hunt Middle School – Presenter not in attendance
    Requested Amount: $6,000 – Grant disregarded due to presenter not in attendance

  2. Ethan Allen Tower steps – David & Ann Arms – Requested Amount: $5,649
    Granted $4,519 – reduced by 20%

  3. Heineberg Senior Center Kitchen Floor – Gail Moreau – Requested Amount: $10,032.80
    Granted $10,032 without 20% reduction – Has primary position for wards 4 & 7 allocation money

  4. Battery Park Sitting Circle – Doug Woods – Requested Amount: $2,000
    Granted $1,600 – reduced by 20%

  5. Burlington School Gardens – Jim Flint (will not take part in 2nd hearing for funds as he is a presenter for the grant) – Requested Amount: $3,000 – Granted $2,400 – reduced by 20%

Meeting Adjourned at 9:20PM